Here are details of a superfast 5K route round Dibden Purlieu, tried and tested by Mick and Jan.

Mick & Jan's local ( guaranteed fast ) 5k route

Please note that this route has not been safety checked.  You run at your own risk.

1. Start from the Esso Garage Sign - North Road

2. Right - Noads Way

3. Right - Peartree Road

4. Left - Water Lane

5. Left - North Road

6. Right - Beaulieu Road

7. Left - Roman Road

8. Leads round to Butts Ash Lane ,

9. Left - Chaloner Crescent leads to Heatherstone Ave:

10. Right - Armitage Ave: onto Crete Road

11. Right - Waterman's Lane

12. Right - Beaulieu Road to Finish!

The basic route can be started anywhere.

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