The Beginners' Course was a great success.  Congratulations to everyone who took part.  Details are on our Beginners page.

Training Schedules - the road map to the new normal

In normal circumstances, members meet regularly every Tuesday and Thursday evening outside Applemore Recreation Centre for structured training sessions. In the summer months we train in the New Forest and during the winter we use the local roads around Hythe and Dibden Purlieu. 

England Athletics have announced that organised Athletic Running Activities that are Covid secure can take place for both Children and Adults ( no Covid group size limits). Therefore as from April 13th 2021 we have returned to "normal training"!  Here is our Risk Assessment.  Please take some time to read before Training. Not forgetting to maintain Social Distancing during the sessions.

Chris Harris and the other coaches are really pleased to say we now have "8" rotating Coaches and Leaders taking the sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday.

So be ready to train hard and enjoy; our new Folk are jolly keen!

Here are

We all look forward to seeing everyone.

The Coaches !

Here's what one satisfied runner said about training,

"Mostly I run on my own so it’s really easy to just drift along in my own world. The training makes me work hard in a structured and fun way. The coaches are all great and very encouraging regardless of the standard of your running. It’s a very nice atmosphere at training."

Time Trials

Coach Chris says,

The second 5K Time Trial took place on Thursday 2 December, the evening was easily one of the coldest winter nights!! In these chilly conditions all our runners did incredibly well, with many achieving P.B.s!

The previous TT was on Tuesday 26 October.  Prior to the trial the course was carefully remeasured, checking for accuracy pointing out the 3 mile mark & the final 5K finish line to our folk.

We hope to repeat in this road Time Trial in 6 weeks & later at the start of the summer season on the grass track at Hardley School.

What a Marvelous Effort by one & all!

Name  2 December Time 26 October Time
Mark Clothier 17:57   
Matt Casey  18:44  
Poppy Tanner 19:22 19:32
Matt Tanner  19:50  
Peter Pimentel 22:35  
Mike Osbourne 24:19 25:59
Ian Ordish 24:27 24:03
Mike Fitton 25:57  
Sarah Fitton 26:00  
Chris Kidd 26:45 26:21
Peter Hackson 27:16  
Julia Law  29:50  
Ali Pomeroy 29:51 30:39
Claire Aplin 30:57  
Annie Bruce Low 48:00  47:48
Dan Latham   17:52
Alice Rudd   19:23
Matt Casey   19:37
Carl Hall   20:17
Mark Lee   23:43
Anthony Instil   23:51
Tim Collinson   24:49
Grace Hawker   25:09
Patrick ( new member)   25:09

Independent Training Schedules

We are a group who are extremely fortunate to continue doing the sport we love in amazing surroundings!

Independent training schedules have been very helpful. Now that regular training is back, we are not producing new ones but we have over a year's worth which are available below as a resource for people who can't make it to our regular sessions

To add to this, here are

Here are some suggested independent training schedules from Coach Chris

Please give your feedback to Chris as it will help her design future schedules so they meet your needs.

The training schedules include regular measured miles so you can measure your progress.  Chris will be delighted if you let her know your results.  Here are some recent ones


Feb 1st

Feb 15th

March 10th

March 16th

March 23rd
April 25

Claire Aplin




Hilary Hinks



Tim Collinson




Dan Latham




Terry Earney




Mike Fitton




Sarah Fitton




Jeremy Barber






Jacqui Healey





Matthew Casey


We welcome beginners and hold ten week 'Couch to 5K' training courses.   The next one is likely to be in Spring 2022.  If you'd like to go on the waiting list for the next course or you'd like to do a 'couch to 5K'on your own then please contact coach Chris Harris (contact details below).

Advice and more information

If you'd like advice please feel free to contact one of our coaches.

Chris Harris: 07708 118114 or Landline 02380 844339 or

Andy Simpson: 07962 590089 or

Steve Henry: 07786 021342 or

Ian Ordish: 07818 021167 or

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