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Sunday 8th July - Awards Event

This event is to celebrate everyone's achievements throughout the year - The event will be slightly different this year, the main difference will be that you will be able to bring your Partners and children with you.  Please remember that you do not have to be in the running (no pun intended ... Or was it!) for a trophy for this event. We would like as many people there to cheer and clap, you may not know what the trophy are for so this is a good opportunity for you to find out and be inspired to pinch it off the winner next year :) it is a social event to meet, great, eat, drink and.... Well you know the rest.

Date 8th July 

Start Time: 2pm 

Award ceremony 4pm 

End time: When the Beer runs out or the sun goes down. 

Venue : Large BBQ area at Lepe Beach (see attachment)

This  year the Awards Lunch will be open to all. American style supper IE Bring your own picnic BBQ food and drink. 

Dress up or dress down entirely up to you. All members and family welcome.

Your social committee will be there at 2 and will start the BBQ in preparation for the afternoon. I'm sure there will be plenty of male influences around the BBQ area. Failing that I'm sure I can burn a few sausages and burgers for you. ( Honestly you would be better doing it yourself, I'm RUBBISH at it) 

Your committee hope many will join us for a lovely afternoon and evening on the beautiful coastline of Lepe beach. Bring your family and enjoy the beauty that Lepe has to offer. And the delightful members of Hardley Runners. There are a few picnic benches in the BBQ area but your own seating and blankets are recommended. 

 Bring your clapping hands and cheers for the amazing achievements of club members who have won the awards, find out how you can get your hands on the 2019 trophies. 

Many of the long standing members will be there to answer any questions you have about the awards given out on the day. 

We have a host of knowledge within the club who can tell you all about the RR10's , CC6's and HRRL events to name a few. So if you have anyone who has been thinking about joining the club but are unsure of what goes on bring them along and have a chat. 

See you all on 8th July. Don't forget your sun cream xx

Happy Running  

Anne Maylott and the Social Committee

Social Runs in the Summer

Ray Noke leads Summer Forest training runs. Usually they are on the 4th Thursdayand this year we start on Thursday 26 April. These are “social” runs with drinks in The Drift pub at Beaulieu Road Station for those who want to (details and locations published nearer the dates)

As well as the Thursday social runs additional runs occur on a Tuesday evening (18:30), Thursday morning (08:30) and Sunday morning (08:30). 

The Tuesday and Sunday runs start from one of the new forest car parks shown on this map, on the odd occasion they will start from a non forest car park, in this case details will be provided.

The Thursday social run is lead by Linda Noke, and is always from the Dibden Inclosure car park, this is run at a steady pace.

To be included on the mailing list for these runs please email Linda, or Ray

Maybe open to walkers if anyone is interested.

You are very welcome to join Ray. He is on 02380 895795 or email ray.noke@hotmail.co.uk. Linda is on the same number email linda.noke@hotmail.com

Looking forward ...

Our Social Committee is bubbling with ideas. 

We plan to do another couple of events and would like your feedback if you would be interested in them. 

1 Tenpin bowling Southampton ( Millbrook) - this obviously has a cost involved but if we get enough interest we can get a deal from the venue.

2 I am currently looking into having a Quiz Off with New Forest Runners - this will be limited to numbers as there are a lot more of them than us. Teams would be set up and to keep the competitive juices flowing we plan for a Trophy to be involved! If you could let me know if you would be interested in Taking Down NFR!!! at the quiz obviously I'm not encouraging un-sportsmanship in races :) please let me know at annmaylott@btinternet.com

3 Your lovely Angel Sarah will be looking into different venues for the next Xmas bash (I know it's early but if we don't start thinking about it it will be here) if anyone has any fabulous ideas of where to go locally I can pass your views on and she will look into it. We will be giving choices of venues and prices when we have whittled it down and the venue with the most votes will be where we will be going so please do express your views when the email comes out. 


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