The Lakeland 50 - Sat/Sun 30/31 August 2016

Webmaster, Jeremy Barber, reports, "I was the only Hardley entrant this year but there were three other Hardley Runners there.  Thanks very much to Sue and Mike Sleath who came along for the weekend and did the driving which saved me having to multi-task on the way home by driving and sleeping at the same time.  And thanks to my brother, Andy, who did the first four mile loop around the grounds of Dalemain House with me and joined me for a reccy three weeks before the event.  For those that don't already know, the Lakeland 50 is the second half of the Lakeland 100.  The course starts at Daelemain and goes via Howtown, Mardale Head, Kentmere, Ambleside and Langdale to Coniston.  The course is mainly on footpaths and includes 3100M of climbing. You can read more about it here.

I had unfinished business with the race, having dropped out in 2013 when I overheated going up Fusedale.  When I entered my target was to beat my time for 2011 but some things are not to destined to happen.  My knee started to complain a few weeks ago so the revised target, inspored by Kim Cotton's persistence the year I dropped out, was to finish in one piece and inside the deadline of 24 hours.

I decided to walk it to reduce the impact on my knee so I packed the walking boots and deliberately left the trail shoes behind.  On the day it was Goldilocks weather: not too hot and not too cold.  It didn't rain and the only disadvantage was that it was absolutely pitch dark in the night as the moon didn't rise until about 3.30am.

My aim was to maintain momentum so I spent as little time as possible at the checkpoints and grabbed just a cuppa and a biscuit despite the armchairs on offer. 

All went well.  I even managed a bit of a shambling jog in places (not easy in walking boots) and the navigation in the dark in Langdale and Blea Moss worked without mishap albeit pretty slowly.  After that I ran out of steam a bit but I felt much better after throwing up, carried on and was well pleased to finish in 570th 19:06:42 only half an hour slower than in 2011 when I was running. 

The event was well organised and I can thoroughly recommend it.  You can read more about it and see our past results here.

Lakeland 100 and 50 - 26/27/28 July 2013

The L100 runners started at 6.30 on the Friday evening.  The Friday night was pretty well perfect with good visibility and a lovely moon.  Saturday dawned sunny and humid and it was getting hotter hotter and more humid at the start of the L50 at 11.30. In the evening there was thunder and heavy rain which was cooling and welcome.  But you can have too much of a good thing and we did; there followed nine hours of continuous rain with over three inches in all.  Streams appeared where none had been and visibility was poor and navigation difficult.  All in all then it was challenging conditions but that's par for the course.

We had one Hardley member in the 100, David Gould who completed the race last year but retired at Dalemain this time after 'only' 60 miles in 18:13:57.  You can see his report and analysis on his facebook page (not sure if this will work if you are no a Facebook member)   The race was won by Stuart Mills in 22:17:50.  He was 45 mins ahead of the second placed runner and at 50 his age was more than the combined ages of the second and third runners.  Incredible!  You can read his blog here.

In the 50 we had 5 Hardley members, plus Dave Turnbull who also ran with us two years ago. Kim and Tiff were new to the race; the others had all done it before and wanted to improve.  For most of us it was not to be with only Dave beating his previous time.  This was all the more creditable as he was slowed down by running the first 20 miles with Jeremy Barber who was struggling with the heat and retired after 27 miles at Kentmere. Martin Loveless set off strongly but also had problems with the heat was was overhauled by Tiff Hanley and Paul Blundell.  In the battle for the line Tiff put in a final surge and beat Paul by two seconds.  Kim Cotton finished in style, last over the line but ahead of over 100 who retired.  Well done to all concerned and particularly to newcomers Tiff and Kim.

You can see more about the race, including previous Hardley results, on our Lakelend 50/100 pages and on the Lakeland 100 Facebook page (again may not work unless you are in Facebook)

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

170 13:13:42 Tiff Hanley F45   381 17:41:41 Dave Turnbull M64
171 13:13:45 Paul Blundell M49   481 23:29:10 Kim Cotton F40
173 13:15:37 Martin Loveless M56          


Lakeland 100 and 50 - 27/28/29 July 2012

Martin and David both upgraded from the 50 and successfully completed the 100.  Paul had unfinished business with the 50 and went back to complete it.  Well done to all three. It was cooler than last year which was better for running though the ground was much wetter which made for some slips and slides. 

Hardley results are below.  I'll add a link to the full results when they are available.  In the meantime you can see pretty well everything using the live update page which enabled lesser mortals to track our runners.

Pos Name Cat Time  
Lakeland 100
75= Martin Loveless M55 34:25:08 Joint First M55
91 David Gould M51 35:26:39  
Lakeland 50
180 Paul Blundell M48




Martin has written a blog which you can read here.

Paul made a film which is on YouTube

David reported afterwards that he felt as though he had been hit by a truck.  His feet were still swollen four days after the finish. 

1.  Before the start - looking cheerful

2. At Dalemain - more than half way - picking up spare kit - still looking cheerful

3. Finished - yippee!! - tired but cheerful

4. Rehydration and a snooze

David - before Davi at Dalemain - a bit after half wayDavid after - enjoying a meal at ConistonDavid - a bit later - looks like he found the rehydration a bit tiring

Here are a couple of video blogs from other L100 runners  


Lakeland 100 and 50 - 29/30/31 July 2011

Sue Sleath with the trophy - second lady in the UTLD100 - well done!Conditions were hot for the Ultra Tour of the Lake District and this had an adverse effect on competitors.  Times were slower than last year, the drop out rates were higher and lots of people felt or were sick from the heat.  So I am delighted to report the wonderful news that despite sickness and a fall and after a sprint finish (can you imagine that) Hardley's own Sue Sleath was second lady in her first attempt at the gruelling Lakeland 100. Her time of 30.07.17 is a great credit to her ability and hard work and leaves a bit under 8 minutes worth of unfinished business for another year!

The rest of our group took it easy and did the 50.  All the training paid of and none of us dropped out.  Performances worthy of special mention are

*  Martin breaking 13 hours to come 63rd despite feeling unwell, losing 6 kilos and eating nothing more than one strawberry after the second checkpoint;

* John who was the second oldest competitor and who walked coming 151st out of 404 finishers in 14.32;

* Jonathan who was among the oldest and probably the heaviest who walked it in 19.37;

* the two teams, Lulu, Paul and David and Andy, Dave and Jeremy who supported each other through thick and thin.

Here is Sue's report. You can also read reports by Paul and David and see some pictures here

Hardley and friends results are below.  You can see the full results here

Pos Name Cat Time   Pos Name Cat Time
Lakeland 100
26 Sue Sleath F48 30.07.17   Second lady
Lakeland 50
63= Martin Loveless M54


  308 Andy Barber M57 18.25
151 John Ellicock M64 14.32   309 Jeremy Barber M59 18.25
234 Elizabeth (Lulu) Prince F42


  310 Dave Turnbull M62 18.25
235 Paul Blundell M48 15.58   355 Jonathan Frere M58 19.37
236 David Gould M50 15.58          


Lakeland 50 - 24 July 2010

Sue Sleath was second lady and 18th overall of near 300 finishers in the very undulating Lakeland 50 Ultra in the excellent time of 10hrs 41 mins.  The full results are here

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