Route planning and information

One of Sue's lessons from 2009 was that it is important not to get lost! That highlights two things

All entrants are provided with a special waterproof 1:40,000 map with the route marked on it and with a waterproof route book.  Sue, Jeremy and Martin have copies of the map and routebook if you'd like to see them.  The competitors area (which you get access to when you enter) also includes GPS files of the route to help you navigate though GPS is no help if your battery runs out and being familar with the route is much better. 

The route is in sections between mandatory checkpoints which also provide drinks and refreshments.

Our reccys so far have shown that there is some wonderful countryside.   Although the route is almost all on paths and trods you won't find it easy going.  Lots of the ups are too steep to run and so are some of the downs unless you are a mountain goat.  And even some of the flat bits (for example the easy looking bit before the Mardale checkpoint) are so rocky that is is difficult to get a decent rhythm.

In this section we'll concentrate on the 50 as that's what most of us will be doing.  Click on the legs to see more info.  At the bottom of each leg page you can click to go on or back.

  From To Miles Feet up Feet down Cum miles
Leg 1 Dalemain Howtown 10.7 935 827 10.7
Leg 2 Howtown Mardale Head 8.3 2421 2152 19
Leg 3 Mardale Head Kentmere 6 1657 1945 25
Leg 4 Kentmere Ambleside 7.1 1594 1936 32.1
Leg 5 Ambleside Chapel Stile 4.8 804 659 36.9
Leg 6 Chapel Stile Tilberthwaite 7.8 1319 1096 44.7
Leg 7 Tilberthwaite Coniston 3.5 928 1263 48.2
Total     48.2 9658 9878  

Easter Reccys

For the last three years we have had a reccy at Easter, following the same course route as the 100 but to taking a more leisurely 3 days (to avoid the need for night travel) and to breaking the route down to segments so that anybody can do all or part of the route, dependant upon number of people going and transport.

Each segment of the course is between 4 and 9 miles with each day having around 6 segments so the opportunity is for runners of all abilities to do daily walk/runs in great surroundings, choosing the segments/distance to suit, and without having to complete the whole route.

The overall cost including petrol and accommodation is about £225.

Reccy 2,3&4 July 2011

Jonathan, Andy and Jeremy stayed at Maggs Howe, a very friendly B&B above Kentmere and only a few hundred yards from the route. It was lovely weather.  On the first afternoon we did the leg from Kentmere to Ambleside.  At Dave's request we took lots of pix.  The going was good and part of the path going down to Troutbeck has been improved in the last few months.  On Sunday Andy and Jonathan took the ferry from Genridding to Howtown and then did the sections to Mardale Head and Kentmere.  Jeremy to the car back to the B&B and then went up the Kentmere Valley and joined them at Mardale Head.  On the Monday we all did the last section from lakes Runner in Ambleside to Coniston.  Of particular interest is the new checkpoint instead of the school at Chapel Stile.  If you get to the bridge on the way to the campsite then you have gone too far!

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