Club Kit

Sarah Fitton looks after our kit sales. Her contact details can be found on the contact us page.

Kit is only available to members. Hardley Runners come in all shapes and sizes. And so does our club kit. The main thing you'll need is a vest or a technical tee shirt. 

New Tops

After long discussions and testing lots of samples, we have decided on the design, material and supplier for our new kit.  We are now inviting expressions of interest so we can place a bulk order and get the best prices.  The new social tops can be worn at RR10s and CC6s.  Club colours are required for Hampshire Road Race League and Hampshire Cross Country league.  The new club colour tops include the new logo and materials but existing club colours will remain valid.

Details are in this message from Sarah.  Please contact her with expressions of interest.

New Tops

Club Colours

We still have a limited supply of the previous-style club colours. The technical tee shirts are £17 and the vests are £15.



We will update the hoodie design for the new logo so don't order at present (photos below are of the old design).


Additional items, fleeces etc. may be added in the future, if we can find them in purple.  If anyone has any requests or if you have any problems with the website please contact Adrian Mudle (see contact us page).

Hi-Vis Tabbard

Hi-Vis gear is compulsory for training sessions when the evenings are gloomy and recommended for routine use.  When people say, "They won't miss you wearing that" you can reply that you hope they will!  These tabards are £5 and the arm bands are £3.50.

Hi-Vis Tabard


Other Stuff - Gazebos, Walkie Talkies and Race Timing Clock

Following a successful grant application to England Athletics we managed to get some running bits and pieces to be used by all the local clubs primarily at the CC6 and RR10 runs but also to be available to hire to all the local running clubs for their own races.

We now have 12 walkie talkies, a megaphone and two quick to erect (2 minutes is the manufacturers claim) gazebos (5m x 2.5m and 3m x 3m). 

We also have a race timing clock which is available in return for an appropriate donation. 

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