Hardley Spirit Award

In 2019 the Hardley Spirit award was established. The brilliant concept was put forward by active club and committee member Danii Bundy. An award that recognises community spirit, encouragement and extra commitment within the club. There is so much spirit and excellence shown within the club around the common hobby of running that it felt only right there should be an award to recognise this.

Each year an annual trophy is presented along with a graduation cap to the member that receives the most nominations from the club members.

Why the graduation cap you ask? Well in Danii’s words:

The graduation cap stems from my first ever social run, in 2016 after finishing the beginner's course I turned up early on a Sunday morning... Petrified of what this social run might entail, if I was good enough to join etc. 

Every single member of that social run encouraged me, made me laugh and I didn’t feel I was holding anyone back despite probably not being ready for the distance. In the pouring rain, we ran through the forest... I was in the wrong shoes, and I slipped into the most humongous puddle (almost pond) and Mark Lee helped me up and said 'there you go, you've graduated now!' 

I can honestly say in that moment, is when I felt like a runner and part of the club, I wasn't frightened to talk to people anymore.

The graduation cap signifies that, you've made an impact on the people around you for all the right reasons ?? and what a cool moment to keep!! 


Keeping the Spirit Going

If you have a nomination for this year’s award, which runs from 1st April to 31st March (over the membership year), please email suggestions to the social committee (see Contact us page).

Nominations should be made in consideration of; good club spirit, encouragement, inclusivity, work in the community through running, volunteering, etc.


Previous Winners of the Award

2022/2023 – Sarah Fitton

Sarah Fitton won the award in 2023. Sarah has done some excellent work in organising and hosting charity events this year. These events helped, in no small part, to raise over 3500 for the Beaverbrook 30 for 30 challenge 2022/23 and win the club the 'Top Fundraiser Award'. Read more in the news item here.

Congratulations Sarah!

Sarah receiving spirit award 2022-2023

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2021/2022 – Paul Blundell

Paul Blundell won the award in 2022. Paul has been a club member for many years and is well regarded by all as someone who is always on hand to offer wise and honest advice to all our runners. Paul has taken part in many types of events and has been very successful into the realms of longer distances and ultras. Paul is always there to support you whether you’re going the distance or trying to improve speed, have an injury, to discuss nutrition or whether you are new to running; if you need advice Paul is your man.

Paul also is a regular helper at the beginner’s group and if often out supporting and running with people who want to up their distance or working towards a challenge.

Well done Paul thoroughly deserved.

Paul receiving spirit award 2021-2022

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2020/2021 - Dan Latham

In 2021 the award went to Dan Latham.

In 2020/21 COVID 19 and lockdown hit running and stopped all running events including the likes of Parkrun etc. But Hardley did not stop! Dan set the challenges.

There was 70 weeks of a 5K isolation challenge which became a strong sense of community to many of us during the strange times. Dan along with a handful of other members ran a 5K every week for 70 weeks and achieved a PB of 17:41.

There was the Hardley-a-Round check point challenge, a half marathon off road loop that people could start from any checkpoint nearest to their house. Then the 12K’s of Christmas a fancy dress challenge. There was a virtual club championship round.

Dan also competed in the virtual CC6 league and finished 2nd overall.

Throughout all these virtual challenges and distant communications there was nothing but encouragement and good spirit by all those that took part.

Dan receiving spirit award 2020-2021

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2018/2019 - Rob Wells

In 2019 the award went to Rob Wells.

Rob has organised brilliant social runs, which are often very muddy and wet and he is particularly encouraging always looking out for every runner and making sure they are safe and above all are having a great time.

As RR10 captain Rob has given time and effort in organising our host event and encourages new runners along to these events.

Rob has also arranged some club trips to obstacle and hell runner events which has been great running fun events.

If you’re on a run with Rob you know you are always looked after and in for some fun and adventure.

Rob also looks after the club’s social media and does a lot to promote the club and then there are the crazy obstacle and extremely muddy and cold races which Rob does, which are always interesting to see.

Rob receiving spirit award 2018-2019

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