Test Way Reccy August 2017

A social run to explore the Test Way and visit some places of refreshment to celebrate Ray's birthday.
Group taken by Malc  Group picture at Jeremy's before the start P8122963  Pre-run refreshments IMG 3637  Look - a fish - bridge over the River Test near Longparish House IMG 3638  Bit nettley this bit
IMG 3639  Coffee and ckae at the Riverside Yurt in Bransbury IMG 3640  Poll and Ray cut the cakes IMG 3641  Gargoyles guarding posh gateway at Newton Stacey IMG 3642  Feeding the ducks and the fish at the Mayfly
IMG 3644  A dip in the river back at Jeremy's IMG 3645 IMG 3646 IMG 3647
IMG 3648 IMG 3657 IMG 3651 IMG 3652
IMG 3653 IMG 3654 IMG 3655 IMG 3656
IMG 3658  Barbie after the swim IMG 3660 20170812 163547 P8122991  Jeremy & Maggie
IMG 3659 P8122992 Rays birthday run 2017  The route 20170813 083913  Bacon butties on Sunday morning
IMG 7910  Linda sets off IMG 7944  Mike sets off IMG 7969  Jeremy sets off IMG 7971  Oh dear - forgot to start the Garmin
IMG 3663  Judy and Kevin doing the starting IMG 8014  David sets off IMG 8142  Linda finishes IMG 3668  Linda wins the Most Improved Lady trophy
IMG 8395 IMG 3675  Most Improved Man, Woman and Junior