The Exbury 10K is a flat and fast circular course run over country lanes which starts and finishes at Exbury Gardens, taking in spectacular views of the Solent and includes approximately 500 metres of beach front running on the foreshore path at Lepe Beach.  Note the start is at an altitude of about 20 metres.  The course goes gently down to Lepe which is at sea level and then back up to the start so maybe it is not exactly flat but it's pretty flat.

2012 10K Race and 1.5K Fun Run- Sunday 18 March 2012

Thank you

What a lovely race.  A huge amount of work went on behind the scenes to make it happen.  Thanks very much to Race Director, Sue Stone and her team.  Thanks also the the many people who marshalled so cheerfully.  And of course, thanks to everyone who ran; we hope you had a great time and will be back next year.

You can see comments on Runners World here. Our fame has spread far and wide.  We had runners from Brussels in the 10K and the Fun Run and they have promised to come back next year with more! And we had a lovely email from a Japnese runner who said, "I totally enjoyed the run at Exbury Gardens, and it was amazing at everything. Beautiful scenaries which define England (I had never experienced running with horses!), pretty  warm people who cheered me up here and there, prompt updates of information on the web, and many other things were all first-rate. I really want to come back here again and hope other  Japanese runners will have a chance to visit and run at such a wonderful event. Please say thank you to all the people who supported this race."

There is also a very nice report in the Daily Echo.

Liked the race?  Not in a Club?  Please come and join us

If you are not already in a running club we'd love you to come and join us in Hardley Runners.  It's only a tenner and worth every penny.  And your timing is perfect as subs are due now so your membership will last right through to the end of March 2013. Click here for details.

The Results

Headline results are below.  Here are the full results.  They are an Excel spreadsheet so you can sort them to your heart's content.  We hope this is the final version but if you notice something wrong please tell us and we'll sort it out.   If you don't do Excel then here's a PDF.  Our thanks to our Totton friends for producing them so efficiently. 

Here are the Fun Run Results

Click on a name to see the picture or you may find it easier to look at the whole album

Pos Name Time Club Pos Name Time Club
1st Man Paul Ashley 35.03 Hardley Runners 1st Woman Chloe Woolf 41.18 Lymington
2nd Man Alan Money 35.06 Newbury 2nd Woman Sophie Bubb 41.48 Unattached
3rd Man Ian Davies 35.32 Keswick 3rd Woman Lyn Whittaker (V45) 41.56 Winchester
1st MV40 Emyr Morgan 37.09 Southampton AC 1st FV35 Jane Carter 45.34 Romsey
1st MV50 Mark Hargreaves 40.04 Unattached 2nd FV35 Lynda Brown 45.40 Romsey
1st MV60 Malcolm Renyard 40.24 Hardley Runners 2nd FV45 Sally Bowry 43.03 Liss
1st MV70 Roy Webb 52.53 Tone Zone 1st FV55 Ursula Downs 48.17 Unattached
        1stFV65 Jackie Jenkins 54.09 New Forest

Team winners

Women - Romsey Road Runners- Jane Carter, Lynda Brown and Penny Jennings

Men - Hardley Runners - Paul Ashley, Nathan Renyard, Andy Kellaway and Dan Powell


Our official photgraphers are seemeinaction.    Their photos make lovely souvenirs, especially if you are new to running.

Here are some snaps taken by marshalls.  Each album opens in a new window.  Click on the right of a picture to go on or on the left to go back - or you can use the thumbnails


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