Here are some of the benefits and discounts available to members.


If you show your membership card then most running shops and some cycle shops will give you a discount (often 10%) when you buy kit.

These include


Alexandra Sports LogoThere is also a Hardley Runners voucher code which provides a 10% discount when you shop on-line at Alexandra Sports. Click on the logo to visit the website.  For obvious reasons we aren't publishing the voucher code here for the whole world to use.  If you are a member and you'd like to take advantage of this arrangement please contact a member of the Committee (see Contact us tab).

Free races

All EA registered members are entitled to take part free in

Please remember to wear a club vest.

Discounts on race entry fees

If you pay the extra fee to join UK Athletics you can get a discount (usually £2 but more for big races like the London marathon) on the cost of entry fees for races.  Please note, however, that this does not apply to members who don't join UKA.

Graphic Design and Printing

We are very grateful to Claire Aplin of Pink Wahoo for design work on our lovely posters and to Laserwords of Hythe for printing them.  Please click on the logos below to read more and contact them.


We have a club YHA card which enables non-YHA members to get a discount of £3 per night if you are part of a party of 5 or more.  If you's like to find out more please contact our Treasurer, Jan Anglim (see Contact Us tab above)

Other discounts

Are you a Hardley Runner? Are you in business?  Would you like to attract other Hardley Runners to be your customers by giving us a discount.  Please contact the webmaster (see Contact us tab) and we'll publish details here. Please note that the information below is provided as a service to members.  Hardley Runners does not specifically endorse any of the suppliers offering services or discounts.


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