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We look after our beginners (scroll down to see more) and hope they will join our club.  But whether they do or not we hope they will keep on running.

There is no obligation to join Hardley Runners, however you may consider this when you achieve your final goal to run 5k!  So come on; we all understand the benefits of regular exercise so here is an opportunity to meet a new group of friends and at the same time take in all that Beautiful New Forest scenery! 

An extra group has been created within the training schedule for the Beginners on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. There will be ample support and guidance from the coach taking the session, plus the other three coaches Andy , Steve and Ian. Not forgetting Paul and of course all the Hardley Runners, several you have already met.

I would suggest you initially take part in one training night , choosing a session with a short run out, the track is ideal as you warm up when you arrive. Any concerns contact the coach who is taking the session (details on the training page) Alternatively you could travel to the nearest car park, but consider the safety aspects, do go in pairs. Always inform and the discuss with the coach taking that session.

Each session starts at 6.30pm, aim to try arrive 10 minutes before to introduce yourself to the coach. Please check the schedule carefully (see Training tab above): normally we meet outside Applemore Recreation Centre or Hardley School track, here you can park inside the school gates (the first set after the funeral directors).

Good Luck, just keep running, Chris

For more information please contact coach Christine Harris: 07708 118114 or Landline 02380 844339 or

2019 and Previous Courses

Here are progress reports and pictures of our 2019 and previous courses which will give you an idea of what's involved and what fun they are.

2019 Beginners' Course

The course started on Monday 1 April.   Details are on our lovely poster.  Click on the little picture to see it.

2019 Beginners - week 6

Coach Chris Harris reports,

This week the session was different working in three groups, the aim to vary the running pace around a triangle shape.

Twenty five people took part on this Bank Holiday Monday, all running well and at the end expressing their enjoyment!

Once more Julie, Karen and Andy were supported in their groups by several enthusiastic Hardley Runners.  Paul's group of advanced runners completed week 10 running a credible 5k in 32 minutes!

Happy Running, Chris

As you're aware there is no payment for taking part in the Beginner's Ten Week Course. However this year we are supporting a charity St James Society for the homeless person. A donation would significantly raise funds to support the work that the St James Society do for these vulnerable people. Obviously there is no obligation, however if you choose to make contact here is the link

2019 Beginners - week 1

After the first session coach Chris Harris reported, " Tonight was our initial meeting of a new course! There was a record number of friendly, cheerful people equating to 76 in total, with another lady starting next week.
Our new run leaders Julie , Karen and Andy did a fantastic job, creating a warm atmosphere for our new people. Again the group was supported by many Hardley Runners.
Next week we meet by Dibden Enclosure car park; let's hope for another sunny and warm evening! Thank you to Everyone, Chris"

On April 1st (Monday) the Hardley Runners Club started a Beginners' Running Course over a period of ten weeks. The first week we met outside Applemore Recreation Centre at 6.20 pm. The meeting place for the following nine weeks will be at Dibden Enclosure Car Park, at 6.30pm.

The Beginners' Running Course is for the absolute beginner and those that wish to return to running.   The course content is similar to the NHS "Couch to 5k" but with the added bonus of qualified run leaders. This year three more Club members have completed the England Athletics qualification.

Hardley Runners is a community based running club - we provide this course free of charge. However a donation to the Society of St James, that supports the local homeless population, would be most welcome.

Please feel free to contact our coach, Christine Harris, to find out more (07708 118114 or Landline 02380 844339 or ). 

2018 Beginners' Course

The course ran from March to June 2018.    Click here to see the poster.   

15 June - Coach Chris writes, "It seems a long time ago that we all met outside Applemore Recreation Centre on March 26th, on a chilly but sunny evening.

This was the start of the 2018 Beginner's Running Course, 18 people registered.  This number obviously changed over the following 12 weeks, at times we gained people , other times people felt running was not for them. But each meeting was always jolly and fun, as our new team ran around the field just waiting for Paul's final whistle to blow! Several ladies made the final session, running for 30 minutes. This was followed by two training sessions as an introduction to Hardley Runners.

I am really pleased to say 6 ladies are joining Hardley Runners. However a running club is not for everyone, several people have met new friends and running buddies.

Thank you to Paul for his commitment and enthusiasm, not forgetting all the Hardley Runners who have supported the runners over the last months."

30 April - Coach Chris reports, "This week will be our 6th week  - 1/2 way mark .  The number of people has been very constant approx: 23 enthusiastic runners. A few people have decided running is not for them, but they have given it a go. They have been replaced by others who have heard about the group. Once more each session is well supported by our Hardley Runners. A huge thank you to Paul, who as usual is doing a splendid job. Chris"

2017 Course

Coach Christine Harris writes,

Click on the little picture to see a rather happy photograph of our Beginners Group following a very successful pyramid session in Fawley Enclosure.  Just one week to go, to complete the 11 week course. Once more our Beginners were supported by several Hardley Runners. Thank You Chris


After 5 weeks our beginners' group look fighting fit.

Coach Christine Harris said, "This evening all our folk coped well as they ran for 5 minutes and walked for two minutes X 5. There were 14 people in tonight's group, we were joined by one new gentleman. We welcome new people at any time, during the course. As you see by the photograph there is lots of support from Hardley Runners, which always makes for a jolly evening!"


Our Spring 2016 Course

Coach Chris Harris writes,

"Following the last meeting of a 10 week Beginners’ Running Course, the ladies cheerfully and comfortably ran a scenic 5k run through Fawley inclosure. Unfortunately five people were on holiday & Kitty picked up a cold but came along to say thank you.

Again the course has been successfully led by Paul & well supported by Kim. Many thanks to the Hardley Runners who have come along to run alongside the ladies - Martin, Tiff, Mark, Mel ( who took part in last year's course ) and Steve.

Chris is far too modest to mention this lovely comment on the Hardley Facebook page,

Hi All, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Hardley Runners - Chris, Paul, Steve, Mel, Naomi, Kim.. The beginners course has been fantastic, and thanks to the brilliant coaching, advice and motivation I am now able to run 5k and enjoy it!!

I really hope to be able to keep improving and get to join the training sessions - what a great team you are, many thanks! x

Our first course

Starting in March 2015, our 10 week course for beginners took them from a standing start (first picture, looking a bit apprehensive) to being able to run 5K (second picture, looking supremely confident and fit). 


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