Virtual Club Championship 10K - July 2021

Many of you will know that our club usually runs a Championship Event each year at one of the Hampshire Road Race League runs (HRRL). However, with the lack of events open to us over recent months the committee have decided again this year to hold a virtual run for the club championship.

Hardley Runners are therefore inviting you all to take place in a Virtual 10K Race for the “Club Championship 2021”. The best thing about this is that every single runner in the club can take part with no signing up requirements etc.

The Club Championship is an award for the best age grade WAVA score (female & male) and the Fastest Time (female & male), so 4 trophies on offer.

So how will it work and how to take part?:

If your run isn’t on Strava send us a photo of your watch, phone or other timing device.

What is a WAVA Score:

Age grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age to produce a score (a WAVA percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people's performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you - the higher the score the better the performance. A score of 100% is approximate world record level, +90% is World Class, +80% is National Class, +70% is Regional Class, +60% is Local Class level. But the main focus for many of us is just to improve our WAVA% over time whatever it is.

(WAVA age grade scores will be calculated using 2006-2010 factors, the same basis as parkrun use)

We look forward to seeing your results, stay safe and happy running ??

Wishing you the Best for your Run,

Hardley Runners


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